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Power goes wherever you are.


Power goes wherever you are.

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Back up your entire home anytime.

Gofort UA1100

1100Wh | 1200W Watt | 1200W Solar

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Gofort Power the Exploration

A portable power station is a lot like a spare tire.
You don’t realize how much you need it until you do.
Then you really Need one.


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Fantastic Unit

has purchased a 330W portable power station

I bought this to power my CPAP while camping. It did a great job even with the humidifier running. An unexpected bonus was the extremely versatile power ports that support USB, DC outputs, AC outputs and cigarette lighter outputs. So I can charge phones, run laptops, charge my drone, etc. While this thing has a 330 watt normal load with 380 watt maximum load, you have to be realistic about what you power. However, I was surprised at how many things I can use it for. I went ahead and got the 100 watt solar panel to make this a more sustained power source while camping. This is a very handy power plant.

Janice Fulkerson

John Smith

Cpap machine powered for 5 nights.

has purchased a has purchased a 550W portable power station

This portable generator was purchased to run a Cpap while camping without electricity. I did purchase an additional dc plug for the Cpap, as I read it used less energy than the plug. I also turned off the dehumidifier. It worked flawlessly for 5 nights without charging. I like that this shows how much battery you have left and while charging at home shows when it is fully charged. I felt it was a good value for the money versus buying a specialty battery for the Cpap.

John Smith

Low cost high quality products

has purchased a 330W portable power station

I'm super happy with this unit. it ran a 500w speaker for over five hours Saturday night, and still had a 55% charge. Absolutely wonderful! However, I'm unhappy that this is now $60 cheaper a week after I purchased it, so I'll be returning it and repurchasing, I guess. Doesn't seem like there are any other options and what a pain, but $60 is $60!

Annie Le

Susan M. Smith

Light weight portable solar panel

has purchased a 100W 18V Portable Solar Panel

I purchased this portable solar panel together with their solar generator. They work well together. I am in Las Vegas so we have very strong sun exposure and the 50W panel would charge the Solar Generator is 5-6 hours only (220Wh). The only thing to consider is, that it is so light weight, that it needs mounting to secure it from blowing away from wind, but that of course is expected. I did not see any discoloration of the fabric even having the panel outdoors and closed for a while. This is unusual in Las Vegas as our sun can seriously bleach most fabrics, thus, the outside fabrics used are also of good quality. I am happy with my purchase and it does the job as advertised.

Susan M. Smith

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